How to Make More Money Today

Spoiler alert: If you want to make more money, provide more value.

This post covers the topic for business owners, employees, side hustlers, or anyone who wants to make more money.

For Businesses:

Back in the day, all we had were mom and pop shops. Small independent stores where the success or failure of their business was determinant on their reputation. Well known establishments were renowned for their customer service, love and care.

Mom and pop shop: A small, independent, usually family-owned, controlled, and operated business that has a minimum amount of employees, has only a small amount of business volume, and is typically not franchised, therefore open for business only in a single location.


Then something happened in the business world and everything got scaled up. Way up!

Businesses franchised, incorporated, and suddenly we saw tens, and hundreds of brands explode all across the country bringing the same service and products to millions. While promising the same experience, something was a little bit off.

The customer service was just not the same.

While businesses lead with “the customer is always right” mentality, somehow it didn’t always feel that way. Something went terribly wrong, and our options quickly became faceless big box stores more focused on growing their share prices and their own bottom line leaving customers, and worse yet, their own employees wanting better. I think of these as the dark ages, the time when you were more worried about buying a product that broke on you than receiving some of the benefit the product was supposed to actually provide you with. I clearly remember countless businesses and or service over promising and drastically under delivering. Or worse yet, turned out to be be a big scam.

Dark ages - in the past tense…

I refer to these dark ages in the past tense, because I feel as though we’re actually headed into the light once again. We’ve seen micro explosions all over our cities of new, fun businesses offering niche specialities at fair prices and over the top customer service.

It’s mostly due to the internet! You can start and grow your business without leaving your bed thanks to the interwebs.

You bought our product and it broke? What’s your address, we’ll send you a new one!

You didn’t absolutely love our product? Please let us refund you no questions asked and please accept our deepest apologies, we’ll do better next time.

Sadly this new business approach is refreshing and having a HUGE impact on customers every day.

If you want to grow your business, have empathy to your beloved customers. Not just lip service, you actually have to give a damn!

If you want to grow your business, deploy empathy.

Why did it switch?

If we look at a quick timeline of events, we went from the seemingly golden age of buying local. A business owner relied on local traffic to sustain their business. Then the world got really big really fast, but businesses became a little bit faceless. They just became big stores who said they “cared” about their customers, but often left them out to dry. You can tell which ones continue to care about their customers - they’re the brands you love right now. So now, in this day and age, we have the internet, and while it is primarily responsible for making the world really big really fast - it’s also responsible for making everything local once again. This is something businesses need to understand.

The value you provide, your reputation, your brand, and the love of your customers travels at lightning speed across the world every day. And for the young business owners out there, it’s not any one single event that wins customers over, it’s the aggregate of everything you do. Which is why I try to do good, and I try to do it alot.


Of all the times I’ve tried to grow anything in my life, the times that have worked out the best were when I provided a lot of value up front. It doesn’t matter if you have the best product in the world, if your customers don’t believe in it’s value to them, it just won’t sell.

So put value first. And when I say value - I mean value to the customer, not you.

Crazy thought right?

How did we stray so far away from this simple idea. But you know it’s true, and it goes right back to the olden days of over the top customer service, building your reputation and brand. Do right by your customers all day every day and your business will flourish.

For Individuals

If you’re reading this right now and you don’t run a business, or have any interest in running a business - chances are you still have a job. Which means YOU are your business, and the service you provide are the tasks you do at your job. You provide a service to your employer every time you show up for work.

You show up for work, provide value for several hours to your boss, they then pay you for that value and you part ways (maybe you show up again tomorrow if you want to get paid again). So all the information above applies to you - focus on providing value.

You are your business

If you want to make more money at your job - apply empathy to your employer and understand what value they want. Maybe they need someone to work off hours / weekends. Maybe they need someone with higher qualifications, more education, diversified skill set - if you figure out what they want and provide it to them they will compensate you for that value.

Just like growing your own business out in the real world, you can’t do it in a day it takes weeks, months and years to continually build your reputation and value - so start today and don’t ever stop.

Put value first everyday.

And when I say value - I mean value to your employer, not you.

Crazy thought right? (same as above) But if you want more compensation, put yourself in their shoes and give them a very good reason to pay you more.

Break it down logically (don’t use this specific wording):

  • I got you $XX,XXX amount more in sales this year.

  • I put in X amount of hours above and beyond that nobody asked me to.

  • I started a new service to help the company, which nobody asked me to.

  • I started spending my own time to help the company in this particular way.

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