Credit Cards - How to Enslave Yourself in One Easy Step (Part 1 of 3)

Credit cards come with a lot of perks that can help you get to financial independence earlier. But they are also one of the biggest money traps in our society. Follow these easy rules to get all the benefit and avoid all the interest charges. Treat your credit card like a debit card and only buy if you have the money for it today. Always pay your credit card bill in full, every time, and if you can't, revisit the previous rule.

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How Patience is making me money at 31

One of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned is that an investor needs patience to operate effectively. Delayed gratification is a real thing, and it will set you free. Don't buy dumb stuff at 26 that you won't remember later in life. If you're patient and invest your money, it will pay you dividends as a reward. That's free money in your pocket.

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How to Find Love (and Money)

My humble opinion

Find love before you make your riches. When you're poor it's easier to find someone who loves you for you. Be genuinely yourself because you’ll attract someone based on what you’re putting out into the universe. If you’re flashy with your money, you’ll attract someone who likes flashy things. It's best to remove distractions and show your true self, that way you’ll attract someone who likes... you.

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How To Make Millions in Bitcoin - J/K

The number of different Bitcoin conversations I've had recently is too high to ignore. So in short, everybody and their mother is talking about bitcoin right now, but what is Bitcoin? Where does it fit in an investment portfolio?

Here's a quick post to shed some light. Spoiler - I do not recommend investing in Bitcoin right now.

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Why I'm making Daily Resolutions in 2018

The Clouds and the dirt strategy. 

Colossal expenses are entirely manageable over time if you plan for them (time is your ally). To accomplish things in life, it's important to have a high end philosophy of what you believe in (the clouds), and the low-down subject matter expertise that allows you to execute against it (the dirt). Take steps towards your goal every day. Forget everything else in between, it will figure itself out.

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Why it pays to get intimate with your money - cash flow, budgeting and everything else

The first step is to understand income, expenses and cash flow

Everyone has it backwards - the key to financial independence is not about how much money you make - it’s about how much you’re spending. Step one is to understand your income, expenses and cash flow. Once you know your cash flow, it's easy to come up with money to invest. Make every dollar work like a hundred - if you make over $40k salary you're already earning enough to be a millionaire by the time you're 65.

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The Thing Stopping You from Getting Everything You Want - Shiny Ball Syndrome

Shiny Ball Syndrome

I can almost guarantee you've experienced this in many different facets of your life. It’s the phenomenon where an individual constantly changes their focus from one goal to another every time they see a new “shiny ball” of potential. It's spinning your wheels, changing direction every other second and getting nothing done. You need to have laser focus on your goal and build strong commitment walls to protect your dream. You don't need anyone's permission but your own.

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Build Wealth by Buying Assets, not Liabilities

What do you spend your money on?

I want you to stop for a second and actually ask yourself this question. Think about the most recent major purchases you've spent money on. Wealthy people spend their money on things that generate more wealth. Simply put, if you spend your money on assets that generate more income for you right now, there is a compounding effect that will provide you with good returns as time goes on.

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Compound Interest - the most powerful force in the universe

What is compound interest?

When you invest your money and receive interest (free money) it is added to your investment, giving you a new total. The next time you receive interest, it is calculated base don your new total including the free money from last time. This happens over and over, and after several years, your initial investment will grow tremendously. 

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Keep your lifestyle in check and invest your money (the younger you do this, the better)

As a millennial, almost everyone you know will work until they are well over 65+ years old before they can afford to retire. But I need you to understand, there is another way —you can easily retire by 40 — and you don’t need to invent Facebook or Uber to do it. All you need to do is invest your money, let me tell you how.

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