Wealth Tools

These are all tools that have helped me along my financial journey and I know will help you on yours. 


Personal Expense Optimizer

This tool was designed to clean up, and refocus my own finances by reducing low priority expenses. This allowed me to transfer all this new found money into high priority growth accounts like savings, investments, potential business opportunities and knowledge. (BTW, knowledge allows you to figure out how to make more money).

Did I mention free? Because I love you.


Financial Independence Calculator

This calculator provides a tremendous amount of clarity for Financial Independence. It will enable anyone to know their numbers, do the math, and massively increase the probability of financial success.


Debt Free Charts

Dream big. Figure out exactly where you want to be in life and work backwards. Break your ambitious goal down into smaller manageable goals. Then track every successful payment with these colour-in charts designed for accountability, reaffirmation, and positive reinforcement.