Millennial's Guide to FInancial independence

Documenting my journey to financial independence.

Learn to live debt free, invest your money and travel the world like a badass, all on your own terms. 


Most of us are taught to just get a job, earn a paycheck... and make do.

 But there are things that wealthy people do with their money every day that none of us are taught in school. Learn how to make your money work for you. I am extremely grateful to have learned these lessons from my parents, mentors and successful investors growing up.

Live debt free

Live Debt Free

Student debt, mortgages, credit card debt? You can never be truly free if you owe someone money.

The word mortgage literally translates to "Death pledge". If you have one of these, you've made a pledge until death that you'll pay someone money. One of the most common misconceptions is that buying a house is always a good investment.

We need to talk about this...


Financial Journey

Invest & Build Wealth

Think of the richest people you know in your personal circle (friends, family, acquaintances) Mostly everyone we know lives paycheck to paycheck... They want to look "rich'' but don't have true wealth. They've spent their money on material items, but hardly any on assets that generate income. Worse yet, that lifestyle they put on is highly over leveraged - meaning it's borrowed money.

Wealth measures how much time you've bought yourself. If you stopped working today, how long can you live in your current lifestyle before you run out of money? BTW, if you have a mortgage, your wealth is in the negative... you owe the bank money.


live free

Live On Your Own Terms

Travel the world, only work the fun shifts, quit your job entirely, buy a boat.... when you master your finances, any of these things not only becomes easy, they become practical.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. Once you get your finances in order, you can spend guilt free, live your life the way you truly want to.

I'm living my dream - I want you to live yours.

the times we live

Job Automation

Job Automation

Economic Inequality

Economic Inequality

Millennial's Don't Know What's Coming

Millennial's Don't Know What's Coming


"Has A Privileged Generation Become The Screwed Generation?"

- Forbes

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- Huffington Post

"Five Reasons Women Are Taking the Lead In Financial Planning"   

- Forbes

"Why And How Millennials Are Getting Financially Screwed"

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"Millennials may be first to earn less than previous generation"

- The Guardian


Many families are down and out right now.

Many believe the system is setup against the middle and lower middle class, which is why it's more important than ever that you learn the secrets of money to avoid that rainy day. Because there are several storms coming.

Having said that, this is a millennial's guide to finance, which finds a healthy balance between saving, investing and still living a comfortable life full of avocado toast, coffee and life experiences.


The Guide

The guide is a combination of all the best advice from world class mentors, successful investors, true life lessons and my own experiences. It's straight up advice that has helped me and my family over the years, and will help you if you are committed to financial independence.


My Story

Photo cred: Joseph Ng Chow

Photo cred: Joseph Ng Chow

This website is my thesis on living a free and inspired life, I hope you find a post that brings you value.

About Me


I’m Benjamin - I'm a 30 year old working professional in Toronto, and I've been planning my retirement since I got my first job at 16. Ever since I was a kid, I've been very aware of my relationship with money. I never received an allowance growing up, I didn't come from money and I paid for my own education in full without assistance. Throughout 4 years of University and 2 years of Graduate School, I took on a massive student loan just like my fellow students, only, unlike other students, I invested all of it over the 6 years and paid the debt back in full the day after I graduated (avoiding interest payments). I did this by hustling, working different jobs throughout school, and keeping a very close eye on my spending to help offset my cost of living. I made saving money a priority even back before I had a real job, and I automated the process - this is the key. A couple months after graduating debt free, I bought my first car in cash from my investment so I could start my first real job in the big city and I never looked back.

Financial Experience

To be honest I don't have a finance degree, in fact I don't think I've ever taken a class in personal finance. My experience comes from 15+ years of being a true practitioner with my own money. Managing it, investing it and growing it. I take no credit for the knowledge that I have - I am extremely grateful to have two loving parents who taught me everything from a very young age. Unknowingly to me at the time, my childhood was sprinkled with lessons in investing, living within your means, strong morals and giving back to others. Growing up frugal, this meant no traveling the world and no Nintendo. I grew up feeling on the poor side, which I attest now gives me the serious drive for success. Ever since I was a kid, I looked at every $10 birthday gift as having the earning potential to buy more in the future if I didn't spend it on something trivial today. That mentality of delayed gratification stuck, and I believe its one of the reasons why investors are some of the most wealthy people on the planet. On my journey I've learned that money doesn't make you happy, it truly doesn't. True long term happiness comes from helping people, giving back to others, and following your passions. These are my personal motives for starting this website, to spread knowledge to those who didn't learn this kind of stuff from their parents, to help others achieve their financial goals, and to hopefully inspire them to do good with their new found wealth.

My Mission

I started this website for one very specific reason. As I go forth on my journey of personal finance, I find that I end up meeting other millennials who find themselves on a very different path, and not because of their choosing. Unpayable student loans, serious credit card debt, a 30 year real estate mortgage, and living paycheck to paycheck. I started this website to tell you that there's another way to live. That you can be free of all these money traps, and it's easier than you think to get there. You can live financially free, on your own terms, and all you need to do is educate yourself in personal finance - something that the system just doesn't teach our generation. I've combined all the knowledge, lessons and methods I've learned from successful investors, mentors and my own experiences so that I can refer people to specific posts and resources that I believe we all deserve to know.

Adulting is hard. I get it. Especially when nobody teaches you these money secrets.

I think everyone deserves to know the kind of stuff that wealthy people do with their money every day, so that you and your family can have freedom, financial security and live your life on your own terms.

Because we only have one life, and everyone deserves to live free.

Take control of your life.


I'm literally documenting my journey on social media every day, and I love hearing from people who are living theirs, so say hi! 😄